meet the team of performers

Artistic Director

Singer and dancer

Mandy Stableford

Singers and Dancers

Ruth Bradshaw

Lorraine May


Essential backing in dance routines is provided by Julie, Glynis, Carole, Joan and Kath in the main dance routines and also as backing dancers for the solo singers.​​

Julie Turner, Glynis Holt, Joan Birtwistle, Kath Foulds

Male Singer

Michael covers songs from Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Jim Reeves, Tommy Steele and more

Michael Berry & Keith Walmsley

Mandy is our artistic director and she leads

the troupe, devising many of the routines for the dance numbers. She also sings


Ruth and Lorraine are part of the dance team but also perform as solo singers.


Edna sings a wide range of songs from classic ballads to show favourites

Edna Warbrick

Comedy Character

Mike provides a supporting comedy element in some of the solo singer's songs

Mike Kennedy

Our MC and Stand Up Comedian

Keith is the 'glue' that holds our shows together and as such is always the first person our audiences will see

He provides the link between each of our different numbers interspersed with 'Christmas Cracker' jokes.


In his own words his job is to waffle while the 'old dears' get in and out of their costumes because they aren't as quick as they used to be!

Keith Bradshaw

Our vital Tech crew

Ken Wilkinson           Mike Johnson

              Eddie Stableford

This is our technical team. Ken is the 'man with a van' and he stores and transports all our gear needed to stage a show.


Eddie is Ken's assistant and fulfils a vital role in getting everything we need from the van into the venue and set up ready to go.


Mike is our sound tech and is the one who 'drives' the show from the mixing desk. He also does all our photography and filming, runs our social media site and designs all our flyers, posters and banners and creates and runs our website.