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About the GOs

The GOs started out in 2009 as an over 50's light exercise group made up mainly of theatre volunteers in partnership with Age UK. The exercise sessions took the form of a warm up followed by simple dance routines. 

Our first appearance on stage was to back BBC Radio Lancashire’s Sally Naden in a simple dance routine, we were spotted by a local care home and asked to perform for their residents.

After 14 years the GOs are still going strong and performing in all sorts of weird and wonderful venues. Over those 14 years artists have come and gone, apart from myself who started the GOs, and one remaining original dancer and the soundman.

Our venues range from Theatres, Community Halls, Churches, Clubs, Pubs, Care Homes, and Day Centres 

Here we are enjoying a bit of fun and games at one of our regular local spots,  the Leyland Centre, with a bit of interactive YMCA and a recent visit to a Care Home

We do a lot of birthday and anniversary celebrations. We had a lovely time helping to celebrate a 97th birthday party recently with some of the relatives of the birthday girl.

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